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"This is the most powerful, clear, and easy to read book exposing the truth about vaccines I have ever read. Vaccine Illusion is the perfect resource for anyone who wishes to take control of their health and medical rights" 

- Sayer Ji, Founder of, Co-founder of Alliance for Vaccine Awareness
Sayer Ji endorses the book, Vaccine Illusion
About the author, Dr. Tetyana Obukhanych
The author of Vaccine Illusion, Dr. Obukhanych earned her Ph.D. in Immunology from the Rockefeller University, New York, NY and has done postdoctoral research at Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA. After a few years of career break devoted to birthing and caring for her young child, she resumed her postdoctoral research at Stanford University School of Medicine, Stanford, CA. At her spare time she educates new and expectant parents on natural immunity and vaccines in the San Francisco Bay Area.
What this book will teach you
Due to the growing number of vaccine safety concerns, our society has become polarized into vaccine advocates and vaccine opponents. However, in the debate over vaccine safety, we have lost sight of a bigger problem: how vaccination campaigns wipe out our herd immunity and endanger the very young. Written by an PhD immunologist, Vaccine Illusion explains why vaccines cannot give us lasting immunity to infectious diseases and how they jeopardize our natural immunity and overall health. 
Benefits of reading this book
  • Why do vaccines fail to give us lasting immunity from viral diseases? 
  • Why do vaccines provide no guarantee of protection from bacterial diseases?  
  • Why is vaccine-based herd immunity not achievable?
  • Why homeopathy works better than drugs like Tylenol
  • How to make sound, science-based vaccine decisions for your family 
  • How people make the fatal error of equating vaccination to bona fide immunity
  • How to heal the rift between pro- and anti-vaccine groups
  • ....and so much more! 
New “Tell-All” Docu-Series Investigates The “Pro VS Anti Vaccine” Debate So That You Can Make An Informed Decision And Protect Your Child.
"The most important awareness-raising health event of the year."
— Sayer Ji, Founder of
The information in this book (Vaccine Illusion) is not intended as medical advice. Readers assume sole responsibility for choosing for themselves and their children disease prevention options that are compatible with their convictions.